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Robert Jones

Practice Manager, M.ED, MCP, A+

Robert A. Jones, M.Ed, MCP, CompTIA A+ Certified is the Education, Research and Technology Developer for Healthy Life Choices, Georgia. Robert ensures that advocacy, social justice and commitment from the community are available to move learners of all ages through the forever evolving social media platforms with access to the global and digital world. For over 17 years, he has worked diligently to provide current evidence-based educational resources with materials and technologies to enhance hope and new possibilities because learning can be fun.  Robert seeks to provide the most in audio – visual aids and tools to engage in meaningful platforms for matriculation, continued growth, development, and success to the most vulnerable members of the community. He also consults with the newest advances in technology and enrichment; he offers real and relevant resources for learning and retaining new information. He understands the societal factors for families who are journeying with a loved one who is living with a mental illness and offers technology-based resources and access whenever possible. Robert earned a Master of Arts in Education with a specialization in Family and Community Services from Ashford University, and Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology focusing on Social and Criminal Justice.

Denzell Moss

Information Technology (IT) Manager

Denzell D. Moss is a Computer Science major at Clayton State University and current IT Manager at Healthy Life Choices, GA. Considering himself as a “jack-of-all-trades”, he possesses skillsets in programming, network management, software management, hardware assembly, graphic design, web development, and technical consulting. Being in love with technology for as long as he can remember, Denzell has sought to bring his enthusiasm, knowledge, and experience into the professional environment. He believes in helping those in need by any means necessary; furthermore, he understands that technology is a powerful tool that can create lasting impacts in our local communities and across the globe. With a clear purpose and passion, Denzell strives to bring a high level of energy to make single every facet of technology efficient and beneficial for the people he serves.

Denzell Moss